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In atmospheric chemistry and physics, one has to deal with the large amount of multidimensional data. Five-dimensional data is not unusual. The data is usually associated with coordinates, which means that facilities to manage gridded data are needed. AtmoData addresses these issues in a safe and convenient object-oriented framework.

In addition, AtmoData provides a set of physical functions and parameterizations. They range from basic functions to compute a Richardson number to state-of-the-art parameterizations to compute deposition velocities or vertical diffusion coefficients.

AtmoData has proven to be a reliable tool including in the context of the full modeling system Polyphemus External link (daily air-quality forecasts, ensemble forecast, data assimilation, ...). It is built so as to be a perennial library. Future developments will increase its amount of features and everyone is welcome to use AtmoData or to contribute to it. AtmoData is freely available under the GNU General Public License.


AtmoData is a C++ library which provides:

Further information and downloads

Further information and the source code are available on Polyphemus webpage: External link.