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Fire propagation

Multivac has been used to investigate the propagation of forest fires. Some results will be put on this page later, including a paper to be submitted.

Miscellaneous animations

To demonstrate abilities of Multivac, here are a few simple animations:

Image segmentation

Multivac enables to perform image segmentation and is distributed with a graphical user interface for this purpose.

Multivac graphical user interface for image segmentation.
Multivac graphical user interface for image segmentation.

A previous GUI was written by Blake Shaw (homepage External link). One may still download it: Download this GUI (version 1.0.1), although it is recommended to work with the new GUI.

Other applications

Dr. Anh-Vu Phan External link has been using Multivac in modeling the growth of Si-based nanofilms.

Multivac has been used and is used for many applications. Let us know about your projects if you want your work to be advertised on this page.