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Multivac is an open source code provided under the GNU General Public License.

Latest release

Download the latest release: Multivac 1.10.1 [released on 2006-12-27].

Download the latest version of the documentation for Multivac 1.9 or browse it online External link. Slight updates for Multivac 1.10 may follow.

What is new from version 1.9?

Installation of Multivac

Expand the code and its documentation. Recall that, under Unix:

Open the HTML documentation. If you downloaded the documentation, open index.html in the root directory of the documentation. Follow the user's guide, specially the section "running Multivac", and you should be able to complete the installation easily.

Python package to display Multivac output

The package MultivacDisplay is available to display the results, and it provides a graphical user interface for image segmentation. It should work under any Unix/Linux system.

Download MultivacDisplay 3.1.

User's guide: MultivacDisplay 3.1 User's Guide (including guide to installation)

Requirements (in short): Python 2.3+, Matplotlib, and PyQt (GUI only).

Previous releases

Previous relases are still available (but they shoud be useless):