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SeldonData Class List

Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
SeldonData::Data< T, N, TG >Data class
SeldonData::ErrorBase class
SeldonData::FormatBase class for input/output classes
SeldonData::FormatBinary< T >Input/ouput class to read binary files
SeldonData::FormatChimereInput/ouput class to read files in Chimere format
SeldonData::FormatFormattedTextInput/ouput class to read formatted text files
SeldonData::FormatTextInput/ouput class to read text files
SeldonData::FuncCoords_Base< T >Based class for coordinates transformations
SeldonData::Function_Base< T, TOut >Based class for functions
SeldonData::GeneralGrid< T, n >General grids
SeldonData::Grid< T >Base class for grids
SeldonData::IOErrorAn input/output operation failed
SeldonData::NoMemoryNo memory available
SeldonData::RegularGrid< T >Regular grids
SeldonData::UndefinedUndefined function
SeldonData::WrongDimWrong dimension
SeldonData::WrongIndexWrong index

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