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Talos C++ Library


Talos is a C++ library that provides miscellaneous functions and objects. It mainly provides (1) functions to deal with strings and files that C++ is missing, (2) an extended ifstream class, (3) two classes to read flexible configuration files and (4) a class 'Date' (dates with year, month, day, hours, minutes and seconds).

Talos is provided under the GNU General Public License. The documentation combines a user's guide and a documentation generated by Doxygen External link.


Latest release: Talos - version 1.0 (2007-04-24)


Latest release: HTML documentation for Talos 0.3 (mostly relevant for Talos 1.0); or browse it online External link.

Release Notes (for version 1.0)

  1. Improved the parsing of configuration files: fields are now only searched in current section, and error messages when a field is not found have been improved too.
  2. Improved the management of Windows end of line character.
  3. Added functions 'is_date(const string& s)' and 'is_delta(const string& s)'.
  4. Added function 'GetOrdinalDay()'.

Previous Releases

Talos - version 0.4 (2006-09-29)

Talos - version 0.3 (2004-10-03)